Quiz proposal

What type of learner are you?
:the questions will be based on the psychology experiment(Experiment 1C / McDaniel et al. see this document ) to access the participant's types of learning. From its original questionnaire, I will sample a few and adjust them to the page.

: I will present a simple learning task called "abstract categorization task", in which you can figure out if you learn based on multiple examples, or based on general rules underlying in the system.

: the quiz has 3 parts

I will calculate the ratio between good transfer and bad transfer, by adding up the scores on each category. If the score for good transfer is higher than score for bad transfer, he/she is an examplar learner. If the score for good transfer is lower than bad transfer, he/she is a rule learner. If the score is the same, he/she is adaptive learner who benefits from both strategy!