Reference Document: Competitor Sites: Sports/Bicycle Specialty Sites shop by category button doesn’t have a sign it has a drop down menu and that’s the main navigation pane find in store, shipping options need overview, specs, reviews, color options for each product background image is decent on landing page can see product selection and narrowing down page directly levels of sorting by type of person/bike 1 click to see products on sale can search by brand and color, should add price TERRIBLE user interface price is big but all info in text form all products have same hyperlink format yellow color is ugly font is too small video ad draws attention with movement red sales bar attention at top large search section white text on black navigation top header account, store locator, cart in top right make sure images of products are clickable too product description should be high quality copy new arrivals below in panel contact info in bottom panel one more chance for branding, values also link to provide feedback on site We’ll help you choose button, takes to article what about making a quiz? then add email at end to create account, get newsletter w/bike advice On/Offline Retailers clean, easy to read shopping site format reviews at bottom clear typography ads on side and banner, but fairly nice ones many ways to sort pictures of product too small compared to navigation and ads standardized typography hierarchy nice, 1 main color price really stands out top rated picks at bottom how many bikes to show on a page? small menu with page options at bottom