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The Vision

Eleanor Zapfdorn, our founder, believes in our mission to provide quality affordable housing to students so much that she will personally underwrite the cost of one pre-paid single bedroom apartment to one Washington University student to celebrate the opening of our new company. Tell your friends about THE GOLDEN KEY to get your name entered twice!

Contest Rules and Details

You must be a current Washington University student to enter. Promotion runs May 1, 2016 through August 1 2016. Drawing takes place at 12 pm CST August 7, 2016. Final winner announced 12 pm CST August 15, 2016. Please contact our office M-F 9 am-6 pm using the information provided below for contest and rental inquiries. Thank you for your participation.

Terms and Conditions

Many legal things that are important and that people that are not me should write, for example people with a law degree and who specialize in corporate law. Rather, I would be sure to leave a loophole and then nobody would be happy. Therefore, that is why this section is left blank in a dummy site. Cheers! -E.Z. Properties Web Design Team (of one)

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