Interaction Design:

User-Centered Applications

Spring 2016

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Washington University

Abram Siemsen

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Configuring Dreamweaver

  1. Open Dreamweaver.
  2. Click on Site, then New Site..., see Figure 1.

    figure 1
    Figure 1.

  3. Enter your Site Name, which can be whatever you want, and your Local Site Folder. This is the path to your website on your local computer (where you want to save it as you're working). See Figure 2.

    figure 2
    Figure 2.

  4. Select Servers on the left, then enter your information. See Figure 3.

    figure 3
    Figure 3.

    • Server Name:
    • Connect Using: FTP
    • FTP Address:
    • Port: 21
    • Username: (James Fawcett will use
    • Password: Your password. Check Save.
    • Root Directory: leave this blank
    • Web URL: - replace "firstinitiallastname" with your own.

    Then, click Save to save these FTP settings for your site.

Uploading files

  1. Open Dreamweaver.
  2. Click on the Files tab in the box on the right, see Figure 4.

    figure 4
    Figure 4.

  3. Select the file(s) to upload.
  4. Click on the up arrow icon to upload your file to the server.